CloudRWA is a smartphone application which is specially designed to bridge the communication gap between RWA/Housing Society and Residents in a very smart way.
  • Q.1 What is CloudRwa ?
    Ans: CloudRwa is an IT based smart solution for Housing society, RWA & Colonies who are providing and maintaning different types of services to there residents. Smartphones like Android are currently the most popular and widely used phones in the market, that is why we have created CloudRwa solution based on it.
    By downloading CloudRwa app on your smartphone you will be directly connected with your RWA/Housing Society. Every resident of the society will be updated with each and every activity that will happen in the society. By just one touch residents can submit there complaints and get the status of the same. Team members of RWA/Housing society can spread any news or information by just one click. These are some of the basic features of CloudRwa, it carries many more features in its bag that gives an edge over others.

  • Q.2 Is CloudRwa applicaton only for smartphone?
    Ans: No, CloudRwa is a combination of both smartapp and website. We will provide a separate web page for your society which will have same features as on smart application that will be helpful to those who don't have Smart phone or do not want to use it. Web and Smartphone Application are tightly connected by each other every change in smartphone app will be reflected on web page vice-versa.

  • Q.3 Can we customize the CloudRwa application?
    Ans: Absolutely yes. We have made CloudRwa app in such a way that it can be easily customised as per the requirements of Housing Society/RWA personal or the residents of the societies. Multiple tabs can be added online by Housing society/RWA personal themselves to gives some extra information as and when needed.

  • Q.4 Is there any specific hardware requirement for CloudRWA?
    Ans: No. 80% families in urban areas( majorly in housing societies) are having atleast one smart phone and on an around same ratio is there for desktop computers/laptop/netbook with broadband connection. That is what we require to run CloudRwa application smoothely. Housing Society/RWA should have Desktop Computer/Tablet with internet connection to manage the CloudRwa application.

  • Q.5 Is any type of techincal expertise required for using CloudRwa?
    Ans: No, CloudRwa is such a user friendly application that just by reading the heading or viewing the symbol will let you know that what to do next. Yes, ofcourse if you face any problem then we are there to help you 24*7*365.

  • Q.6 Where will be the Applicaiton/Database Server hosted?
    Ans: We have designed different packages as per the requirements of Housing Society/RWA. Generlly all the services are hosted at our end but If Housing Society/RWA wants Application/Database server should be hosted in there premises then we can do that as well. In that case society will have to provide one server grade branded system(Quad Core Processor and 8 GB RAM) with pre-installed Windows server 2008 or above having 24*7 power backup and Internet connection.

  • Q.7 Is Data of RWA/Housing Society secured?
    Ans: CloudRwa will be provide data security as per the industry standards.

  • In case of other queries kindly mail us or call us. We will definetly answer your each and every question.