CloudRWA is a smartphone application which is specially designed to bridge the communication gap between RWA/Housing Society and Residents in a very smart way.
CloudRwa Features
For Admin
  • Create messages and send them to all the members in a single click.
  • Quick reply to the complaints and suggestions submitted by the members.
  • Add new members.
  • Add new vendors along with their complete details.
  • Search details of members.
  • Add newsletters (through web portal).
  • Add photos (through web portal).
For Users
  • Read notices.
  • Add complaints or suggestions.
  • Read newsletters.
  • Get information about all vendors.
  • See photos added by the admin in Photo Gallery.

Other Services Offered:
  • Free Registration.
  • Free Server Hosting.
  • A web portal for the administrator along with the application.
  • Technical Support.
  • Customizable Application (as per request of the client).